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It’s That Time Of Year. The Time Of “Madness.”

It’s That Time Of Year. The Time Of “Madness.”

The postseason of college basketball is among us and with that comes what many of know as “madness.” Tournament brackets have been filled out, office pools have started and we all sit and keep an eye on the scoreboard as the final buzzer sounds and each game concludes to see what upset has attributed to the aforementioned “madness.” The tournament officially began on Tuesday, March 15th with the first games of the “first four” games. Brackets closed as the field of 64 was finalized and games began on Thursday, March 17th at noon. And after the first day, less than 1% of brackets filled out online are still 100% intact. With all the madness and the amount of attention this tournament gets, the question is, how can you take advantage of it for your business? What can you do to relate and remain relevant and keep up? Outside of spending many dollars on advertising during the tournament, here are a few small ideas that could be considered: • Consider tying into the “madness” and the “hoops” message. With a creative twist, you can grab attention from customers by tying in the tournament with products of your own. • How about a sale during the tournament? Call attention to a special percentage off select merchandise and with a message along the lines of “beat the buzzer” or the “shot clock is winding down on these prices.” • Create your own tournament through social media and have customers (new and existing) enter to win a special prize. The winner who completes the best bracket wins! • Similar to the above, rather than an actual tournament bracket, you could create a bracket related to your store and have top pieces and narrow it down to number 1 by votes on social media, or just your own preference. Could be great for social media interaction and raise awareness on your brand. Those are just a few little things that can be down around this specific national event that many people across the country are keeping their eye on and have on their radar. As a business, you should take advantage off and tie in some of your messaging with it. It is top-of-mind with the general public and could just be something to have them take a second look at and then interact, which will eventually lead them to your brand.
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