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Less Is More

Less Is More

It’s Tuesday morning. Your alarm goes off, you get out of bed, make coffee, grab your phone to do what has become a part of almost everyone’s daily routine: checking email. Whether it’s a work or personal account, your inbox, more than likely, gets pretty flooded throughout the day. I can only speak for myself, but I usually already have quite a few unread emails before I am even out the door for work. Sound familiar? Talking about my personal email, I already know exactly what kinds of emails to expect. I subscribe to a few different emails that are daily newsletters or words of encouragement. Some emails may be from family members or friends. But the ones that take up the majority of my inbox are none other than promotional emails. I shop quite a bit at a number of different stores, and l like staying in touch with those brands. Of course, I also love a good sale or promotion. However, multiple sale emails, every single day, blend together after awhile. When I choose to open an email, it is likely that I was lured in by the subject line. It’s the first impression that I have of an email. If the subject line indicates a sale or promotion, I expect that to be one of the first things my eye is drawn to in the body of the email. If I am engaged in the content and really want to know more about the sale, I will click on that section to find more information. Jewelry is a luxury. If you look at different luxury brands, you will probably notice a common theme among a lot of their advertisements: clean and simple design with little content. Elements used in the creative are minimal yet powerful and impactful. Like anything else, it’s a matter of quality over quantity. So ask yourself: what is your ultimate goal when sending out an email? If it is getting customers interested in your promotion/product/service, your email content should provide just enough information for customers to engage, while wanting more. Whole paragraphs of explanation are not needed. A bold headline and maybe a sentence or two of copy is ideal. Your copy should be displayed in a clean, elegant type along with high quality images that reinforce your branding. With a powerful main section in your email, you won’t necessarily need secondary sections to follow. When I am looking through an email, I usually pay attention to the first section that I see and seldom want to keep scrolling down to read the rest. In the world of luxury, less is more. You don’t want to overwhelm customers with a lot of content, as it can take away from the main section that you want to focus on. Less content equals more focus on what you do want to promote. In fact, your emails may perform better as customers won’t be distracted by multiple messages. In short, keeping it simple, simply makes good marketing sense.
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