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Let’s Talk: Top 3 Communication Tactics to Always Keep In Mind

Let’s Talk: Top 3 Communication Tactics to Always Keep In Mind

On the surface, communication doesn’t seem difficult—most people don’t give it a second thought. It seems so elementary, many times people don’t pay enough attention to the way they communicate, and messages are misinterpreted or completely lost. But think of it this way: when we communicate, our goal is to take complex and abstract thoughts and code them into corresponding words and phrases that we hope the receiver will understand in the exact same way we thought them. And there’s nothing simple about that. At an ad agency, communication is the heartbeat that keeps the company moving. We are communicating internally about different jobs and processes and strategically communicate through the ads we produce. In my opinion, communicating clearly and effectively is the most important part of my job—not just with clients, but with my coworkers. Positive, constructive, and efficient communication can help a company thrive and meet goals, while negative and degrading communication can run any organization into the ground. When speaking with your coworkers or customers, it is most important to keep the following three practices in mind. Speak Clearly I don’t mean someone should clear their throat before they begin speaking or speak at a slow pace to ensure clarity. Speaking clearly is communicating with a clear directive. Keep in mind the goal of the conversation and deliver the message in a way that is clear for the receiver to understand. No need to ramble or go off on tangents. Speak Constructively From concepts to copy to design, a marketing agency offers an infinite opportunity for creative thinking and imagination. It is paramount when communicating about creative concepts to deliver messages in a way that is helpful and constructive. Whether it is a single email blast or a beautiful 2 page spread in a magazine, communication that is clear and constructive will help the entire team create beautiful and imaginative campaigns Speak Kindly More important than anything else is remembering to always speak kindly. Of course, all human beings become annoyed, frustrated, hurt, or angry from time to time; but in a professional environment, there is no room for communication that is intended to hurt or belittle someone else. In stressful situations, it may be easy to lash out or pay little mind to your word, but at the end of the day, your word is all you have. Be sure that your words are leaving a good impression.
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