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by Michael Fruchtman, CFO The website clearly communicates in big, bold letters: Today’s the Day! And, the truth is today is the day as is tomorrow and the next day. Because emerging as one of the hottest online teaching websites is Masterclass. Have you ever been interested in the world of film and TV? Well, you can learn how to direct from Ron Howard; acting from Natalie Portman; or comedy from Judd Apatow. Interested in culinary arts? You can take in-depth classes from some of the greats like Wolfgang Puck; learn how to make French pastry with Dominique Ansel or learn how to cook at home with Gordon Ramsay. Is sports your thing? Serena Williams will teach you tennis, and Stephen Curry will make you a better basketball player. Really. Over 80 courses taught by the best. And, these are not simply one-off classes. Many are at least 10-12 lessons per course (if not more). So, if there was ever a time that you said to yourself, “Hey, I would love to write a screenplay one day”, Aaron Sorkin is now there to help. If you want to be a better business person, take a few business tips from Bob Iger. What a great time to take some classes you have always wanted to take. So, investigate these once-in-a-lifetime offerings. Not sure how to investigate? Well, Bob Woodward will also be there to teach you investigative journalism.
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