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Mobile Now Leading Google Searches

Mobile Now Leading Google Searches

Google announced last week that for the first time, more searches are coming from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) than from laptops and desktops. According to their report, smartphones account for more than half of searches in 10 countries, including the United States. While they have not released the exact percentage, the marketing universe is not surprised, as we have been expecting this to happen.

Marketers have been watching usage increase year after year as more generations become comfortable using their mobile devices for every possible task. Time spent with the Internet on mobile devices exceeded PC usage for the first time early last year. Email opens on mobile devices have been rising as well. According to multiple recent studies, 45%-53% of email opens occurred on mobile devices. This, of course, depends on your target audience, product, and email type. At Fruchtman Marketing, our clients typically see 60%-70%.

Along with this announcement came a number of new mobile advertising tools and formats for advertisers. The new formats are designed to work better, since the small screens of mobile devices have less room for keyword-based ads. They rely on images and details from advertisers instead of keywords. Dodge, for example, has been testing the new ad format and is using a carousel-style ad to show the inside of its newest Challenger and highlight the model’s features, offers, and nearby dealers.

The ad formats are currently aimed at people searching for cars, auto dealerships, and mortgages, but will hopefully roll out for all marketers over the coming months. Contact and we’ll help keep you up to date with your marketing!

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