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New Opportunity for Ad Space

New Opportunity for Ad Space

What is already being done in the world of soccer could potentially spill into other professional sports, starting with the National Basketball Association (NBA). The NBA actually took a trial run at this idea in 2016 during their All-Star game by featuring a KIA logo on the upper left shoulder of the players' jerseys, opposite of the jersey manufacturer logo.

This advertising news has been discussed over the past few years, but browsing through Facebook, I saw an article from ESPN that brought it back to light. The article spoke of this advertising practice coming to the NBA and perhaps the MLB, with potential for the NFL as well. As a business, if it were reasonably priced, would this be something you’d consider doing? My response from a business perspective would be that depends on the price, logo size, and if my logo would be the ONLY advertisement or surrounded by other brands and logos like a NASCAR racecar? Although it could be intriguing as the cameras zoom in for decent exposure, the sports fan in me is leaning in the other direction. I feel it would take away from the game and perhaps annoy me.

I can understand why a business would and wouldn’t consider it. The exposure could be huge, depending on the market and the team and players who wear the uniforms branding your logo. But conversely, the potential for fans of the team to be annoyed and displeased could draw negative publicity to the brands being featured.

I am anxious to see what comes of it all. Perhaps a follow-up article will be needed in the near future. Could be something to love!

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