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A New Technology: "CapCam"

A New Technology: "CapCam"

As I am browsing through “”, I stumble across an article, written by Lauren Johnson about a new technology developed by the beer brand, “Beck’s” and BBDO Germany.

The new technology is a “CapCam”, which is a 360-degree camera that fits on top of a beer bottle (in this case, a Beck’s beer bottle). The idea behind the technology, according to the article, is to introduce new technology to consumers, who will then post their videos on Facebook and other social channels (with hopes, that some feature the Beck’s brand).

Beck’s is giving away these “CapCams” to its Facebook fans via a contest, as the gadget can stick to iPhone cameras as well as sync with the Facebook app for instant uploads.

I’m always astonished at the form new technology takes. It will be really interesting to see how this new tech is received and utilized by advertising and beyond. But not quite as interesting as whatever the next new tech will be.

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