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Rediscover Your Inner Child!

Rediscover Your Inner Child!

A fun new way to find your Zen, the 3D Pen isn’t for writing. Bring your doodles to life! My granddaughter was coming to visit me. Prior to her arrival, I wanted to fill the house with fun stuff she would love. So I searched the Internet and came across the 3D drawing pen. It looked interesting, so I ordered it. Instead of ink, a melted, non-toxic filament flows through the pen and hardens into a solid, three-dimensional shape. It works horizontally or vertically, so you can even create amazing 3D drawings in mid air! What a fun, creative and different way to “draw!” We have made cars, jewelry, and houses so far. Definitely not as messy as finger painting! One evening, after she went to sleep, I found some time to tap into my own Zen and rediscovered my inner child along the way. We all need a way to relax, and this toy is for big kids too! Read more here.
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