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Rethink the Traditional Mother’s Day Gift

Rethink the Traditional Mother’s Day Gift

On April 16, Adweek chose Hefty for their “Ad of the Day.” These three ads are essentially giving moms permission to party hard with the perfect party cup from Hefty. Opening up on ordinary moms performing daily tasks, they begin telling us about the parties they attended the night before. Using the latest slang, you wouldn’t expect what comes out of their mouths. Behind the apron and oven mitts, khaki pants, and that heaping pile of laundry there’s a little black dress, leather pants, and a beer can pyramid that mom has been hiding. This Mother’s Day, let’s return those hanging flower pots, knitted sweaters, and that gift card to the diner down street and go pick up a bottle of Jack Daniels and let your mom be, well, not a mom. Check out the ads here:
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