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Six Simple Design Tips

Six Simple Design Tips

1. Hierarchy It doesn’t matter what you’re designing, a clear sense of hierarchy is important. The viewer needs to know where to look first, second, and third. This can be achieved through the use of different font sizes and weights, different background colors, placement of graphics, and more. Don’t try to make everything within an ad stand out as much as possible. Remember, if everything is bold, nothing is bold. 2. Less Is More If it’s not absolutely necessary, leave it out. Think about what happens when you see something overwhelming – you tend to skip over it. The same thing happens when someone views an ad stuffed to the margins with text, images, and graphics. Less information also helps to achieve a better sense of hierarchy. 3. Font Selection The fonts you choose should match your brand. If you’ve used a set of two or three fonts, stick with them for consistency. Whatever you do, stay clear of the fonts designers deplore – Comic Sans, Papyrus, Zapfino, Hobo, Impact, Curlz MT, Brush Script. That’s a short list – but if you get the idea. Stick with professional, classic fonts. 4. Consistent Color Similar to fonts, you should have 1-3 standard colors that you use most of the time. This will help to maintain your brand image in the marketplace. Your customers will begin to recognize an advertisement from your company based on familiar colors, fonts, and style. 5. Quality Photography You’ve seen the ugly photos. They’re blurry, pixelated, and sometimes feature the tip of a finger. You’ve also seen photos that hold your attention for a moment with their beauty – these are the photos you want to represent your business. Hiring a professional photographer, using stock photography, or learning your way around a camera are all great options. 6. Step Back You can step back in two ways. First, it’s good to take a break from the design – give your eyes a rest and come back fresh. Often, you’ll see something different than you did before. The other way is to physically step back. If you’re designing a billboard, or a business card, its important to recognize where and how the design will be viewed. As an example, if it’s a billboard, will you be able to read it in a few seconds as you drive by? If it’s a business card, is the type adequate size? Whatever you’re designing, make sure to step back and view it as if you were seeing it for the first time.
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