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by Michael Fruchtman, CEO/CFO We all know AI is going to change the face of retail. has come up with a process for turning your 2D photos into 3D in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost compared to other AI companies. As more people are shopping online, they want to know how wearables will look on them. We want to know how it will fit or how it might work well before we make the purchase. Not to mention, as retailers, we want to cut down on the issue of returns. AI provides a world where we can physically interact with the product. In the world of jewelry, we're upgrading our game with photography and 360-degree product images. takes it to a whole new level. Check out their website at and scroll down to watch their video on Fashion Accessories. Then picture (in your 2D world) how this can change the face of the retail industry!
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