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Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Every year, Mary Meeker delivers one of the most-watched reports on digital and internet trends. For those that don’t know, Meeker runs digital investments for a top Silicon Valley venture capital firm. Compliments of Ad Week, here is what you should be focusing on this year: Meeker’s findings are not that surprising – mobile internet is growing faster than general internet usage, Americans are spending MUCH more time on their mobile device than on a laptop or desktop computer and, overall, mobile ads are generating much more growth than desktop. We realized this a while ago, and it’s nice to see that we aren’t the only ones with this mindset! Not to say traditional advertising is dying, because it isn’t. Proof of that is in the results of a recent survey we sent to many of you, which you can read more about in the main article of this T3 issue. It goes to show you that a great majority of people use their mobile device every day, throughout the day, for many different purposes. It isn’t just social media and email – they’re reading articles, visiting websites, engaging with apps, you name it! What better way to reach consumers than through their mobile device, which is never far from their thoughts or eyes? Another trend to note is that people are becoming more and more comfortable buying online. Whether it’s on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device, they are less hesitant about making an e-purchase than ever before. And that’s just one more factor to consider when making your advertising decisions. Remember, though, it’s not as easy as just throwing out mobile ads and waiting for people to roll in. There are many pieces to the advertising puzzle, and they need a precise fit to attract your ideal customer. We can help you put that puzzle together. If you want to learn more, let us know by emailing
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