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Thanks Again, Netflix

Thanks Again, Netflix

Yes, I am giving you another reason to forget all your commitments and priorities, and curl up on the couch for eight hours straight, to binge watch yet another Netflix success. Stranger Things will leave you reeling and already imagining what the second season will bring. I was amazed how the show was able to successfully put a modern twist on 80’s classics like The Goonies, Poltergeist, and E.T., to name just a few. The whole story is based on a young boy in a small town who goes missing, and the mission to get him safely back home. You are taken through a series of unexpected events that leave you on the edge of your seat. You’re given just enough background information to keep you guessing and wanting more. While this series may have stopped me from doing other, more important tasks, I was able to come away with some very important life lessons. - Even if people think your outlandish ideas are crazy, stick with it, because you never know where it may take you! People may not always understand, but if you know your end goal and how you’re going to get there, don’t let anyone stop you. - My childhood adventures were nothing compared to the ‘upside down.’ Playing doctor doesn’t even come close to what these kids went through – I guess I just didn’t live my childhood the right way or maybe I didn’t have the right friends. - We don’t know everything and we should be okay with that. It may be hard to digest, but we honestly can’t know it all, and even if we did, just imagine how boring (or crazy) life would be! - 80’s fashion WAS that bad. This was a fresh and creative addition to the already popular collection of Netflix Originals and this is why everyone can’t stop talking about it!
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