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The Satisfaction Of Fear

The Satisfaction Of Fear

Do you ever find it weird that it’s thrilling to be scared? Ever ask yourself, “Why am I continuing to watch this movie when I know I’m not going to be able to sleep later?" The sensation of fear, whether it’s watching a nail-biting horror movie, riding a roller coaster, hearing a scary story, or a noise in the middle of the night, has a way of making us anxious. So what’s to like? Experts say we enjoy fear because we like the rush. It’s not uncommon for individuals to push the envelope, seeing how much fear they can tolerate. The month of October and Halloween, in general, give us a chance to explore the enjoyable aspects of fear. Fear of winter soon coming, fear of change, fear of the scary movies playing on tv all month long. Whatever type of fear you get a rush from, embrace it.

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