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Thinking Outside The Box

Thinking Outside The Box

It looks like just an everyday window display, with a headline and a few bullet points. It features a woman, dressed as a flight attendant. It’s is an ad for JetBlue. But there’s more there than meets the eye. The ad is an all-digital display (on Sixth Avenue in New York City) and the woman is an avatar that speaks to passers-by. The woman asks onlookers to interact with the full touch-screen display and learn more about the services at JetBlue. When the woman begins to make relevant comments, participants discover that she isn’t an avatar at all. She is a real woman who can see you through a hidden webcam! It really gets fun as she grabs the attention of people passing by, shouting to them. In advertising, we always want our ads to speak to the consumer. This one takes that literally. It really catches the audience off guard and keeps them intrigued and continuing their interaction. You can see a few clips of the ad at work by clicking the link below: If people do interact with the woman, she asks them not to not leave, then walks away out of the display, and disappears completely. She reappears – in full human form – right next to them with a gift certificate towards a flight through JetBlue. This entertaining story caught my eye and made me consider how cool that experience would be. I’m sure the marketing budget for this is astronomical, but the results and awareness for JetBlue seems like it would be worth it! There are so many mediums in advertising, especially in the digital world, which grab consumers’ attention – I can’t wait to see what’s next! For more about this ad, check out the story from AdWeek by clicking the link below:
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