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The Ugliest Color in the World

The Ugliest Color in the World

Pantone 448C, also known as opaque couché, has recently been deemed the ugliest color in the world. A research team in Australia was tasked with determining the “least attractive” color, so that it could be incorporated into cigarette packaging to abide with national laws, and 448C was the not-so-lucky winner. The color was tried against other offensive hues such as lime green, dark gray, and mustard. After three months, seven studies, and after surveying 1000 regular smokers - the green-brown hue was selected as the ugliest color, and associated with words like “dirty,” “tar,” and “death.”

With a near infinite number of colors on the visible spectrum, being the ugliest could be considered a kind of distinction, or even an honor.

Then again, the word honor might be a truly “gross” exaggeration.

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