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Unique Campaign Builds Awareness

Unique Campaign Builds Awareness

An article by Adweek’s Robert Klara asks how many questions from your driver’s test were devoted to sharing the road with motorcycles. Not many, from what I can remember. This is a big reason why Allstate Insurance has partnered in an initiative to build awareness about the importance of driving safety and motorcycle awareness. Motorcycle enthusiast Nate Hudson has teamed up with Allstate to drive to every capital city in the United States, more than 17,000 miles. He’ll visit every state’s motor vehicle office, where he’ll hand deliver a request to consider including motorcycle awareness in the driver’s license exam and the state’s driver's ed curriculum. With Allstate footing the bill for gas, Nate has about half the trip behind him already. On top of delivering the message to the state’s capital, Nate is also recording his trip via social media, posting pictures and comments from various locations. Allstate provided the bike as well – with a custom paint job that includes the Allstate “blue” and company’s logo – which makes every picture taken a social media ad for Allstate! By thinking outside the box, Allstate has thrown out traditional marketing for their “Ride for Awareness” campaign and has taken digital marketing to a new level by engaging with consumers on a personal level for a not so “sexy” product. You can read more by following the link below:
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