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What’s Hot? Prize Candles.

What’s Hot? Prize Candles.

I recently got pulled into a promotional offer advertised on Instagram for a company called Prize Candle. This company creates soy candles that contain a special gift in each candle: a ring! The promo that enticed me was buy one candle, get another one free—a simple bogo offer. Honestly, it’s the simple bogo offer that entices many consumers. No complicated disclaimers or tiers to muddy up the offer, just a straight buy one, get one free. I would not have bought a candle from the company if it was not for the bogo offer.

Knowing there is additional value attributed to these candles, I jumped on the offer immediately. The best part about these candles is each ring comes with an appraisal code to enter on the website. Rings are worth up to $5,000!

I’ve burned up two candles so far with two more to go and have not been a big winner. However, tune into next week’s T3 and maybe I will be singing a different tune.

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