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7 Tips For Going Live On Social Media

7 Tips For Going Live On Social Media

By Dana Rathke, Social Media Specialist It’s nothing new, but Facebook and Instagram Live are seeing a major increase in use and importance each and every day. Connect with your audience with real, in-the-moment video content. Here are some tips on getting started and succeeding at Facebook and Instagram Live:
  1. Add Value. Think about the intention of the video and what you want your audience to get from it.
  2. Plan as much as you can. Not only will this calm your nerves, but planning will also help you concentrate on the value of the video.
  3. Tell a story. Take storytelling back to the basics and create a beginning, middle, and end for your live video content.
  4. Go live with a friend/employee. Something extremely helpful to calm the nerves - have someone up there with you who can help fill in the “awkward silences”.
  5. Take a class or work with a coach. This may seem far-fetched - but if you are extremely serious about going live and doing this consistently to help grow your business, take some classes with a public speaking coach and gain the confidence you need to rock your live videos.
  6. Test your connection. Test it with a random live video to make sure everything is working efficiently.
  7. Be flexible. Things can go wrong. It happens. The charm of going live is nothing is perfect and viewers don’t expect it to be. Roll with any of mistakes or technical difficulties you may face with confidence!
Going live can be scary - but so rewarding! Let your customers see the true you and teach them something informational as well. When they know who you are, they’ll feel more comfortable visiting your store and making a purchase. They know you and trust you. And that’s where great customer service begins! Source: Social Media Today
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