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How Smartphones Were Used To Help Holiday Shoppers In 2018

How Smartphones Were Used To Help Holiday Shoppers In 2018

by Angie Ash, Executive Vice President

Check Out The Top 5 Responses

With 2018 behind us now, it’s a good time to reflect on how your holiday sales stacked up this year. However, it’s also a good time to learn how shoppers used tech to help them shop over the holidays so you can be better prepared to get them to your door this year. According to a January 3, 2019 Mediapost article, the top 5 responses from shoppers were the following:
  1. Compare prices (80%)
This one skews more to an e-commerce driven site but if you aren’t showing prices on your website, keep in mind that transparency is king now and has been for a few years. Even luxury car dealerships, long reticent to reveal price, now show the cost of that BMW, Lexus or Mercedes you may have had your eye on. Most likely, when you shop, you look at the price, too, right? Think like a consumer when you’re building or modifying your site.
  1. Buy directly from the device (79%)
Again, this particular note also may not be something you’re prepared to do right now. And that’s understandable. However, are consumers able to quickly set appointments with you and see certain items they’re seeing in your store? Convenience will be big in 2019 as seen by the popularity of shop online and pick up in the store shopping models that have been surging over the past few years.
  1. Research products (72%)
Yes, before someone decides to make that engagement ring or other higher-ticket jewelry purchase, they will be doing their due diligence to look at products and their reviews, not to mention reviews of your store’s service. Make it easy for consumers to get the particulars on the piece of jewelry they’re thinking about purchasing beyond the cost, such as metal type, carat weight, and the like.
  1. Check store hours (71%)
This one is pretty obvious. If the intent is to drive to your location and see the item they’re interested in purchasing, consumers want to know you’ll be open before they head out. Hopefully, everyone made sure to list holiday store hours on Google Business pages and posting them on social media platforms.
  1. Search for coupons and deals (65%)
Yep, deals are not going away and don’t think the affluent don’t look for them, too. Hello, Nordstrom Rack! During the holidays, hooking in a consumer with a special offer is a great way to keep them thinking of making a purchase with you over someone else in the area. Oh, and those looking for a deal are also loath to lose out on getting the deal so they’re more likely to redeem a special offer. One more thing to note from the article was the increase of “near me” searches, no doubt perfect for that scurrying, holiday shopping procrastinator. And yet another reason to make sure you’re paying attention to and increasing your paid search budget accordingly. Is 2019 the year you’re resolving to get your marketing in order? Contact to get started on a great strategy for success.
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