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Use Call Tracking to Figure Out if Your Marketing Is Working

Use Call Tracking to Figure Out if Your Marketing Is Working

by Charles Pobee-Mensah, Director of Digital Marketing

How do you know if your marketing is working? It’s not always straightforward. The internet has made it easy to figure out where online sales come from, but jewelers still find that their customers want to buy in-store. Enter call tracking.

Website call tracking can tell you how the people calling your store got to your website. It does this by using code to show a different phone number to each person visiting your site. When one of them calls their unique number, a bunch of information about that caller that would normally be unknown is now available. Things like how they got to your website and what landing page they were looking at before they called.

Not all marketing leads to phone calls, but when you start to see that you're getting calls from your email marketing and Google ads, you know it’s working. Normally you would only know if you got clicks. Getting calls proves that people took action.

The call tracking solution that we use and trust is called CallRail. But, if you want an agency who can hook everything up and provide you with regular reports, contact

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