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2023 Art Trends For Your Store

2023 Art Trends For Your Store

by Traci Hubble, Traffic and Project Manager What better way to enhance your customers' shopping experience than purchasing art that aligns with your brand? Pastels…A Calming Influence A relaxing shade selection of pastels is gaining popularity this year. Pastels can be calming to the viewer, giving many art pieces in 2023 an aura and theme of peace and serenity. Textures, can you feel it? 2023 trends predict a rise in textured artworks. This involves layering and mixing thick paint with a visible brush and palette-knife strokes. After it dries, the technique gives the artwork a new sense of energy and dimension. There is something about textured artwork that satisfies an innate sense of touch and curiosity. Virtual Art on the rise! As virtual art continues to gain popularity, pieces such as NFTs or digital art tools will continue to raise interesting questions about art and artists. The technology behind virtual art has new capabilities of erasing the differences between the creator, the viewer, and the artwork itself. For example, take one prodigy in the field of 3D art, Gal Yosef. Beginning to work with design at just 12 years old, Yosef’s work focuses exclusively on digital design and he utilizes computer technology in his creative process. Source: Tomorrow's World Today
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