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Control Is Only A Ring Away

Control Is Only A Ring Away

If you own a smartphone, you can probably agree that in some way or another, it can be distracting. In this day and age, humans are connected and in-tune more than ever before. Often times, this can get in the way of living our lives and focusing on what is truly important. With a new wearable technology called Blinq, we can be better kept in the present moment. Blinq is a line of smart-rings that light up or blink and you can control when you want it to do so. This product has three core features: notification alerts, fitness tracker, and the S.O.S. distress feature. With notification alerts, you can control the notifications that you choose to receive. When your phone gets a notification, your ring will simply light up to notify you. For example, you may choose to not be notified when breaking news comes in, and only choose to get Facebook notifications that are relevant to your personal life. The fitness tracker tracks your steps and calories as you wear your ring. And finally, the S.O.S. distress feature works by tapping the rings consecutively. By doing that, an emergency message will be sent to an emergency contact of your choice, along with your location. These rings are very stylish and are made of solid sterling silver and genuine gemstones. They’re also waterproof so you never have to take it off if you don’t want to. To learn more about Blinq and this wearable tech, watch this video.
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