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Facebook Expands Your Vocabulary With AI-Driven Translations.

Facebook Expands Your Vocabulary With AI-Driven Translations.

If you have a global brand, sell online, or just live in the right area, you know that sometimes a language barrier is the only thing standing between you and the sale. Well, Facebook has stepped up to try and open the doors for you to communicate with every possible customer that might be interested in your product.

This new AI-powered tool, currently only available on desktop, lets you plan a post in English, for example, and automatically publish it in other languages like French or Spanish at the same time. Your words are automatically translated, and users will see the post in their preferred language. Of course, anyone who has ever used an automatic translating service already knows that due to grammar differences, and the nuances of literal translations, this service will be far from perfect. Any bilinguals or polyglots are free to make edits to their additional language posts, to make sure their message is clear and concise.

While many out there might not find this tool to be relevant for their business, it’s important to remember that more people seeing your message is never a bad thing. And with the fact that half of Facebook’s users do not speak English, there is a lot of potential to reach someone that might have otherwise never considered your brand or services.

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