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The Fearless Girl – Campaign Success

The Fearless Girl – Campaign Success

Did you know how successful the Fearless Girl campaign was from a PR standpoint? On International Women’s Day earlier this year, a 50-inch bronze sculpture of a young Latina girl faced off against the famous Wall Street Charging Bull. The advertising stunt was meant to symbolize the power of women in leadership and was part of a campaign by State Street Global Advisors to emphasize that companies with women in top positions perform better financially. The statue quickly went viral and garnered over 1 billion Twitter impressions in the first 12 hours and a total of 4.6 billion impressions over the first 3 months. Ultimately this campaign, that had no paid media dollars behind it, resulted in more than $7.4 million in free advertising.
  • $201,075 in free radio advertising
  • $393,047 in free social media advertising
  • $3,115,751 in free TV advertising
  • $3,729,926 in free online/print news advertising
Considering the campaign had no paid media dollars behind it, I’d call 7.4 million dollars worth of exposure a success!
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