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Flying Billboards Are In Our Future

Flying Billboards Are In Our Future

An engagement ring flying at a bridal show or circling throughout the stadium at a sporting event? This is not some futuristic brainchild of a think tank. Aerotain from Switzerland has created Skye and already put it into use. The organization is fueled by a young and driven team with backgrounds in Disney Research, Silicon Valley startups, and NASA. Your store advertising can fly, change locations and attract attention. It can float indoors or outdoors with your message, logo and art. Think the next step in the evolution of blimp advertising like Goodyear, only this can be inside or outside. Skye is about 10 feet in diameter and can be designed to look like almost anything. According to the Aerotain website, “Our flying machine Skye can take virtually any shape and makes brands and products airborne. This allows us to create fun, interactive, and memorable experiences for everyone to enjoy.” Think this isn’t serious? Google has already used it and so have others. Imagine the possibilities. Check out Skye here.
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