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The Future Is Social Media Marketing

The Future Is Social Media Marketing

Many people roll their eyes at the term “social media,” but what many don’t see is that it’s the evolution of marketing. Without social media where would businesses be? Within the last ten years, social media has skyrocketed, and it will only go up from here. Currently, 65% of Americans use social media sites, which is ten times as many as in 2005.

Why is social media growing? It’s simple. With technology rapidly growing, we have forced even the older generations to be accepting of technology. Everyone is hoping to stay up to date and have the “new” thing, which in return is making older technology like the flip phone “extinct.” It is rare to catch someone without a smartphone, which is one of the reasons social media is continuing to grow with technology.

What does this mean for digital marketers? This means we better make every effort to research ways to reach target customers on social channels. Facebook is by far the largest social media platform; with well over a billion users. Yes, every business can benefit from having a presence on Facebook, BUT it’s up to the experts to identify what content people are talking about, sharing, and engaging with. Coming up with content and creative that is easily digestible, interesting, and doesn’t look like an ad is the best strategy when aiming for a high number of impressions.

As a digital designer, knowing the customer base and understanding what people engage with is key in creating successful advertising posts. Creating something viewers can relate to is essential, as is responding quickly and positively to comments and posts.

In short, social media is evolving and continually changing, along with the many marketing opportunities it presents.

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