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How To Market for Mother’s Day

How To Market for Mother’s Day

By Ashley Buckowing, Graphic Designer Americans love their moms, and we prove this by showering our mothers with gifts every year on the second Sunday in May. Mother’s Day is the fourth highest grossing holiday of the year, even topping Valentine’s Day in jewelry sales! If you were as shocked as we were to hear this fact, you need these next seven email marketing tips for Mother’s Day. 1. Segment your customer mailing list. Using segments helps you target your prime audience. 2. Recommend the most relevant jewelry styles. Make sure the products you feature are modern and in line with today’s trends. 3. Create a sense of urgency. Mother’s Day is ONE DAY ONLY! Make sure your audience knows that time is of the essence. 4. Optimize your email open rates. Always monitor, edit and update your email list. Your audience may have thousands of emails on it, but half of them may not be valid if there are typos or false information. 5. Use images to capture attention. Images are one of the most important parts of marketing, particularly in email. You have seconds to capture your viewers attention, and imagery is what they see first. Make sure it stands out! 6. Craft your content carefully. Edit, review and edit some more! 7. Always test and track. Keeping track of your results helps you optimize your results for subsequent years. Source
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