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I’m Sorry…What Was That Again?

I’m Sorry…What Was That Again?

We've all been there, on an important call with a vendor or client, jotting down notes on paper or laptops, hoping you don’t miss the details. Sometimes you feel like your notes have notes! When you or fellow team members are relying on information that’s passed on directly from a client or prospect's mouth, you want to get it all. The problems with notes are they don’t capture the tone of what’s said and are typically more generalized. It’s also up to the note taker to deem what’s important in the conversation, and that can be subjective. If you’re looking for a different way to capture what’s said, there are apps for that. Just one is a gem called Call Recording by, available on iTunes. With this app, you can record your calls with an option to transcribe and then save them safely in the cloud. For details, check this out.
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