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Instagram’s New App “Boomerang”

Instagram’s New App “Boomerang”

Instagram is aiming to take up more space on our mobile devices with their new video app, Boomerang. And the good news is, you’ll find it far easier to use than indigenous Australian tool-gone-fad-toy that we all know and love – or hated, if you’re anything like me. This new app (developed by Instagram, but it’s not featured in the Instagram app - you'll have to use it separately) aims to let you turn any short scene into a back-and-forth video instantly. All you have to do is aim your phone camera, tap, and record. And it only takes a second! There’s a lot that you can capture in a single second, and I’m sure it won’t take long before we get to see people’s greatest (and worst) moments captured for posterity. Read more about it here.
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