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March Basketball Madness at Fruchtman

March Basketball Madness at Fruchtman

Every year, the team at Fruchtman Marketing participates in our own bracket challenge for the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. The winner gets cash ($5 from each person entered), their signature on the office trophy and bragging rights until next year. While everyone’s brackets took major hits this year, congrats go out to Andy Smith, Director of Social Marketing. When Nature Trumps Your Advertising Plan - Again! Simons Jewelers in St. Louis has billboards that are updated every month. One of those boards became home to a nest of Red Tailed Hawks, a protected bird species. The Red Tail Hawk nested between the panels on the structure and laid her eggs for the second year in a row. These hawks are federally protected birds and nothing can be done to disturb the nest until the young hawks fly away. Ironically, the board features a watch called the Sky-Dweller. We say this is a pretty smart bird! Hawk Nest  for T3 302
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