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Media Work NEVER Ends…..

Media Work NEVER Ends…..

Everyone knows that when a media schedule is placed the work doesn’t end there. Invoices need to be checked, co-op needs to be submitted, yadda yadda yadda. What a lot of people don’t think about is that you need to pay attention to where your ads are running and be prepared to make changes if necessary. A perfect example was The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. His last show was August of 2015 and since the new host, Trevor Noah, has taken over the show has lost 35 percent of its total viewers. While this is a national-scale example, it happens on the local level all the time. A television station’s news anchor will move out of the area or one of the local radio personalities will jump ship to another station. Maybe a radio station changed their format. Any of these have the potential to affect the number of consumers tuning into the program/station. You need to pay attention to the media channels you are using and develop great relationships with your media reps so they will help you stay in the loop. Are you too busy to stay on top of all of this? Contact and we can help!
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