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No T3 September 5

No T3 September 5

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

This week, we’re bringing you a little Labor Day trivia since there won’t be a September 5th issue. We have you covered on tidbits about the holiday in case you were wondering about the reasons it’s celebrated. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the first observance of Labor Day was recognized on Tuesday, September 5, 1882. On that day, approximately 10,000 workers gathered for a parade in New York City, organized by the Central Labor Union. The union urged similar labor organizations to celebrate their own "workingmen's holiday" event, which caught on throughout more than half of the states in the country by 1894. That year, Congress passed an act on June 28, 1894, to designate the first Monday in September as Labor Day. At that time, the farm owner and tenant industry accounted for the largest number of employees but today, retail salespeople are the prime employee base with more than 4 million Americans employed in this profession (per the US Census). Thank you, Central Labor Union, for providing a three-day weekend at this time every year! And we’ll be back September 12 with our next T3 issue.
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