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Remember Google Glass?

Remember Google Glass?

Remember Google Glass? After that prototype came and went without much fanfare, Google is working on its next big idea: skip the glass, and implant the computer right into your eye. Google has recently patented this new technology, which would take their current work from Google Glass and smart contact lenses and turn them into what might be the first biomedical “upgrade” for humanity. These new computerized lenses would actually replace the natural lens in the eye, per the design of this particular patent. They would offer welcome assistance to the visually impaired, with features such as automatic focusing for better vision both near and far, as well as possibly curing a plethora of common eye problems. It’s almost a guarantee that this is another lofty patent that will never have an actual consumer product seeing the light of day, but it certainly creates a lot to discuss. Google Glass already created controversy with privacy concerns, and this is clearly a step further than that. Read more here.
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