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A Special Thanksgiving Guest

A Special Thanksgiving Guest

Have you ever sent a text to the wrong number? When Grandma Wanda did, she ended making national news (and making a new friend.) Jamal Hinton, 17, of Phoenix found himself accidentally brought into a group text for planning Thanksgiving dinner. When he made an attempt to find out who was texting him, he was informed that it was his grandma. With a quick picture request, Jamal realized he ended up in a group text meant for someone else, but who could turn down a nice Thanksgiving meal? Laughing, Hinton sent back his own picture and asked if he could still join them for the celebrations. Grandma Wanda responded “Of course you can.” When Jamal shared this funny little moment on Twitter, it ended up making waves around the country. See some of the reactions and the rest of the story here.
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