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Surviving a Slow Summer

Surviving a Slow Summer

by Shannon Joyce, Account Coordinator For many of our retail jewelers, the summer months can be long and slow as far as traffic and sales. Although it isn’t ideal, it can be viewed as an opportunity to improve and prepare for the upcoming busy holiday season.
  1. Use the downtime to develop strategies and goals for the remaining months.
  2. Collect content--write blog posts, take videos that could be used on social media and help you develop a presence and a voice with your customers.
  3. Give back to your community. This can help you develop relationships with your employees as well as members of your community.
  4. Cross-market! Team up with other businesses that might be struggling with a slowdown. Packaging services with similar businesses can be beneficial for both parties!
  5. Use the time to reach out to top customers.
  6. Use the slowdown as an opportunity to learn a new skill that could be useful when things pick back up!
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