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Taking Good Jewelry Pictures Using Your Smart Phone Is Possible

Taking Good Jewelry Pictures Using Your Smart Phone Is Possible

Taking good quality pictures of jewelry for most is a challenge equivalent to climbing Mount Everest! Having good photos for social and digital media marketing is paramount, but hiring a photographer to come to your shop every time you want to take a picture of a piece you would like to feature on your Facebook or Instagram page can get very costly. The other day a jeweler stated there has to be an easier way to get good pictures quickly and easily. I shared with him that I agreed and would do some homework and get back to him. These shiny little treasures present particular challenges. They're shiny, for one thing, and they're small and can feature complex, detailed designs. Their silver, gold and bright, clear surfaces and variety of colors can be tough to light. Tougher still is preventing flare, reflection, hot spots and... well, you get the picture. After Googling and searching YouTube, I found an easy step-by-step demonstration using very simple tools that can be easily purchased at your favorite retailer. All you will need is a lightbox, a couple of desk lamps, a small tripod, a couple of cosmetic mirrors and, of course, a smartphone. Take a few moments and watch this video. Happy Picture Taking!
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