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The Buzz

A little rain – okay, a LOT of rain – didn’t ruin the wedding days of two Baltimore-area couples. In fact, it brought them good luck. $3,000 worth of good luck each, to be exact.

If couples sign up for Saxon's Diamond Centers' Let It Rain promotion, and if it rains more than an inch in Baltimore on their wedding day, Saxon’s will refund them the cost of their engagement ring, up to $3,000.

Megan Gernand and Greg Hunter were the first winners of the promotion. On June 6, which was their wedding day, The National Weather Service in Baltimore recorded 1.92 inches of rain.

But the soggy summer wasn’t through with Baltimore yet. On June 20, it rained 2.85 inches there! That happened to be the wedding day for John and Carrie Kolivas. The result? They received $3,000 from Saxon’s as well.

Despite the rain on their wedding days, rest assured these are very happy couples, indeed. And Saxon's, who received press coverage in both trade publications and local newspapers, is a very happy client!

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