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The Importance of CRM in 2023

The Importance of CRM in 2023

by Ashley Buckowing, Graphic Designer While pandemic jewelry sales were plentiful, retailers need to focus on what to do in the aftermath of a market high. Customer retention is one of the most important, and effective, ways to keep sales not only steady, but improving. According to National Jeweler, customers want to be courted. It shouldn’t matter if they are shopping for haute couture or in a shopping mall. Shoppers want to be in-the-know, a VIP, and want to be focused on. “Repeat customers are 70 percent more likely to make a purchase than first-time customers and, on average, they spend 30 percent more,” explains Peter Smith, an industry consultant with NJ. It’s important to train your staff to know what to say, and how to be polite and non-intrusive when saying it. When customers shop in your store, you want them to feel welcome, not just wanted for their transaction. An important part of CRM to think about is a rewards program. This enables customers to always have a connection to you, and a reason to come back to your store vs your competitors. Plus, you get additional marketing avenues! Source
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