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The Limit May Not Exist

The Limit May Not Exist

Wouldn’t we all love more space? Well, there is good news: it looks like Twitter might be in the process of giving some to users. The popular social media site currently has a limit of 140 characters per tweet. When someone starts to type a tweet, every character is counted down starting at 140, so they can keep track of how many they have left. Once down to having a few left, the number will turn red, like a warning, to let users know they are close to reaching the limit. If characters go past 0 (or over 140), the “Tweet” button, which sends out the tweet, becomes disabled. Users are then forced to shorten their tweet, which can result in committing spelling/grammatical mistakes, taking out spaces, or like I have done, giving up on a tweet altogether. That’s not good, especially when there is so much more to be said. Twitter has hinted that they may soon allow more characters per tweet. They're hoping it will improve user experience and ultimately increase they're audience. However, Twitter's final decisiont is still up in the air, according to this article. For now, users like myself can hope for the day where their thoughts have no limits. And that is worth every character.
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