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Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

This week, I decided I wanted to write a department article with a more light-hearted approach, so please consider the following: BET YOU NEVER THOUGHT… The Pope would have his own set of emojis. He does, on the Popemoji app. Bet you never thought there would be a Popemoji app, nonetheless an emoji app in general. A website would block desktop visitors who use ad blockers, but The Washington Post does! Presidential candidates would be utilizing social media for their campaigns. All the candidates now have their own social media teams. It’s only a matter of time before political ads on these social media channels become the norm, too. #doihavetolikeit? You would be able to ditch a 4-inch thick hardcover book weighing approximately 5 pounds for a digital version of the same book that weighs nothing but can be read on an e-reader weighing 4 ounces. You would be able to take photos or record a video of your family with your phone, not a separate camera, and share it instantly online. You would have to choose from 17 potato chip flavors at the grocery store when you get a case of the munchies. And it would take you 10 minutes to make a decision because they all sound so good. Those irritating people standing in the middle of the aisle? It has become so clear… Every once in a while, you may have just a minute to reflect on the power of marketing and technology and how it’s changed so rapidly – and continues to faster than you could have ever predicted. When you do, it can be mind-blowing to think about. I call it having a Marty McFly moment. A lot of these changes are good and have made things in our lives much easier and efficient. “Gosh, I wish I still had my multi-fold paper map of Ohio in my car,” said no one, ever. Hey, I’m not that old, but I think it’s perfectly okay to get a little nostalgic for the simpler times. When you do, visit this link, bookmark it, and smile. Just remember, the facts in this article will be there soon, too.
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