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Time For A Change

Time For A Change

Have you thought about changing your company’s logo? What would make a company want to do such a thing – change the icon customers have grown to recognize and associate with your business? A lot goes into changing a logo – the thought process behind it, the many questions the company must ask itself – the main question, in my opinion, being why. There are many different answers to that question, all of which are valid – you want to freshen things up in the business, re-familiarize your company with the public, need a complete overhaul, and many more. There is nothing wrong with changing up your logo just as long as it is done right. There are many things to consider such as timing, evolution, modernizing and keeping up with the times. A few questions to ask yourself if you are starting to think about a change: - Is the timing right? Try to coordinate the change with an upcoming milestone in your business to associate with it. - How is your current logo received by your customers? Do you get a good response from your customers and general public with your current logo? - What are features of the logo you like? Don’t like? Make sure to keep some features of your current logo to resonate with existing customers so they can still identify your business and not think of it as a completely different company. One last thing to consider if you are thinking of a change – is a completely new logo necessary or just a subtle update? Facebook thought a subtle update was all that was needed – so subtle, you may not be able to tell the difference. Try and see if you can spot the different yourself. I was not able to at first glance. The difference is the slight change in font – they went from using Klavika font to a new in-house custom font. The change was in an effort to modernize the logo and make it appear more friendly and approachable – which comes from Josh Higgins, Facebook’s Creative Director. To see more on this update from Facebook – see Adweek’s Kristina Monllos’ article by following the link below:
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