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The biggest lie in advertising...

The biggest lie in advertising...

...traditional media is dead. In mid-April of this year, we were honored to present at the Chicago INSTORE Smart Show. We were asked to speak on traditional media, and we could not have been happier to do so because we had a point we wanted to make. You see, everywhere you turn, there are articles or studies stating that traditional media is dead. And we know jewelers are concerned because they’re hearing that TV isn’t watched live anymore and people don’t listen to the radio, among other things. We wanted to prove otherwise. How did we do it? We asked YOU, our T3 subscribers, ranging in age from 18 – 65+, how YOU digest media. Here were just a few highlights: 81.4% of respondents listen to local AM/FM radio stations. Yes, Pandora Internet Radio is making strides but that doesn’t mean everyone is using it all the time. People still like listening to what is going on locally and often listen to regular radio shows, especially on their morning or evening drive to and from work. In fact, 73.5% of respondents said they listen to local radio in their car. 98% of respondents watch network and cable TV. 90.9% of 18-34 year olds who responded do, too. Here’s another shocker for those who think everyone is watching television on a computer or mobile device: 97.1% of all respondents are watching television on a television set and 27.2% of those are ALSO watching television on their mobile device and desktop computer. In other words, you’re still watching and you’re catching your favorite shows on multiple devices. Only 7.8% said they watch 100% of recorded TV. Conversely, 29.4% said none of the TV they watch is recorded. The vast majority stated they watch some recorded TV, but the higher percentages of answers skewed to lower percentages of recorded TV. When shows are hot, people like to watch them as they’re available to view. Call it the FOMO effect if you want, but those popular shows create water cooler buzz the next day. Nobody wants to be late to the party. Now do you want to know what you use Facebook for? No worries. The rest of our survey results are available on OUR Facebook page, here. Like us and go to our presentations to read on. Got something else you’d like some insight on? Let us know by emailing
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