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Can Cannabis be Couture?

Can Cannabis be Couture?

by Ellen Fruchtman, President

With the Cannabis market growing, one fashion branding guru has decided to bring her expertise to the industry. After an illustrious 20-year career in advertising and branding in fashion, Ann Skalski was drawn to Double Barrel. Double Barrel is the world’s first dual-chamber oil vaporizer. It’s also a stylish knuckle ring which allows consumers to inhale two different strains of vape simultaneously. Now as their Chief Brand Officer, she’s out to make Double Barrel more a fashion accessory. And, looking to disrupt the category.

Enter Beverly Hills jeweler, Gerard Alexander, of Saint Jewels who created The Diamond Double Barrel, encrusted with 180 grams of solid white gold and over 3,000 21-carat diamonds. All for the very affordable price of $100,000. According to Skalski, they’re looking to “touch a new audience”. It also appeared on Russel Brand’s hand in the HBO show Ballers, and of course, received the attention of some popular style influencers.

Skalski’s motto: Be distinctive. Be disruptive. And evidently you can still do it in style.

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