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Dogs & Cats Beware

Dogs & Cats Beware

by Hayley Lardinais, Account Coordinator Having purchased my first house within the last year, homeownership has introduced a slew of new responsibilities and “hobbies”. Most recently I’ve entered into the world of landscaping and gardening, and there is A LOT to learn! It never really crossed my mind that some of the flowers I choose to put in my front yard could potentially be toxic to domestic animals. But, as it turns out, so many of the most common plants are just that. While I personally don’t have any animals at home, pet parents beware of what you choose to grow in or around your house. Below are some of the most notable plants, toxic to both cats and dogs, that caught my attention: -American holly -Azaleas -Begonias -Chrysanthemum -Daffodils -Geraniums -Hydrangea -Tulips If you’re a pet owner and are planning a trip to the greenhouse soon, make sure you check ASPCA’s comprehensive list of toxic and non-toxic plants first!
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