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How Any Jeweler Can Encourage Sales with Email Marketing

How Any Jeweler Can Encourage Sales with Email Marketing

by Charles Pobee-Mensah, Director of Digital Marketing Every time you make a sale, you have a new opportunity. This is the moment the customer loves you the most. The moment they were willing to part with their hard-earned money because of the value that you offered them. I wish this moment could last forever. Though it can’t, second best is making it happen again. That’s the opportunity. Email marketing can make that moment happen again. When you ask for an email address at the point of sale, you’re saying “let’s keep in touch” when they love you the most. Instead of going home and forgetting about you, you can make sure they think of you often.

Why email is different

Email is unlike any other form of marketing. It’s the most direct way for you to communicate with your customers. It’s anticipated and expected because your customers have given you their permission. Unlike Facebook or Google, an email list is something you own. It won't be impacted if Facebook decides to change things like they did the other week. Unlike your website, you don’t have to wait for the customer to remember you to connect with them. Email marketing is powerful.

Not all email relationships are created equal

Will they think you’re spam? Will they ignore you? Or, will they actually come in and buy again? If done right, email can help you get more of the last one and less of the other two. Here’s how.

Increase Engagement with Content Emails

The people on your mailing list don’t always want sales messages. That’s a one-way relationship. They will be much more engaged if you send them helpful tips and information about jewelry as well. We discovered that sending helpful content emails to our clients’ email lists could increase engagement by 50% or more. Discussing helpful topics like how to clean your jewelry or tips for traveling with jewelry are a great way to keep your email list healthy and active.

Encourage Purchases with Sales Emails

Once you have established the helpfulness of your email newsletter, the Principle of Reciprocity comes into play. The people on your newsletter feel better about opening a sales email when they know that you also give them valuable content. Retail jewelers who send helpful emails can confidently send sales emails without fear of seeming like spam to their email list.

Invite Them Back with Event Emails

Events are great for business if your budget allows. We have seen our clients use lots of events to help increase sales and really build up business. Your email list serves as an invitation list when you’re ready to promote an event. Be sure to use your email list to ensure that they are well attended.

How Any Jeweler Can Do This

Even with this roadmap, email marketing can be intimidating. Let’s wrap up by looking at a few options that may be right for you.

DIY Email Marketing

If you or someone on your team is savvy with technology, design, and copywriting, you might be able to pull it off yourself. This, of course, would be a large time commitment, but it could be one that pays off. You can get started for free for your first 2,000 subscribers by signing up for a MailChimp account.

Hire Professionals

The best email marketing will be put together by professionals who know the jewelry industry. If you can afford to hire professionals, don’t hesitate. Our clients enjoy sleek, professional emails and images and messaging that match their brand. We plan the emails out with the client ahead of time. The emails always match the season and what’s going on in the store. Each one is written by a copywriting professional, laid out by a graphic designer, and programmed by a digital marketer. This “white-glove” level of service for email keeps it from being a headache for you and produces great results.

Which Approach Will You Take?

Regardless of the approach you take, do email marketing. It is too important not to do. It is one of the best ways to keep the conversation going with your customers and quite possibly one of the least expensive ways to encourage new sales.
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