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Valentine's Day Trends

Valentine's Day Trends

by Angie Ash, Executive Vice President As a marketing expert, I pay a lot of attention to the emails I receive from brands. Campaigns for Valentine’s Day are no exception! The trends that hit my inbox this year so far? 1.) Gift galleries. People are always looking for inspiration beyond the box of chocolates and stuffed bear. Hopefully, you’re making use of this tactic to provide ideas that go beyond the typical. 2.) People refer to Valentine’s Day in short as VDay. This year, I noticed a surge in MeDay, recognizing those without a love connection. Being single and being okay with it – indulging in making yourself happy was a key message. 3.) Galentine’s Day. Wine and gossip with girlfriends? Yes, please say single ladies everywhere! This was a resoundingly popular theme this year, with plenty of ideas for a Valentine’s Day GNO or pamperfest. 4.) Hearts, emoticons, and Snapchat filters galore. Sharing the love was everywhere, and there was no shortage of red, pink or purple. No matter how you’re preparing for Valentine’s Day in your store, make note of the messages that catch your eye and pay attention to for next year’s efforts. Think outside the chocolate box with purchase and get inspired to connect with your customers in varied ways.
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