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Beauty Unfiltered

Beauty Unfiltered

by Jenny Macino, Graphic Designer Unrealistic beauty standards have been a popular controversy for years. Beauty advertisements are everywhere: TV, print, social media, etc. Thanks to Photoshop and various smartphone apps, almost anyone has the ability to edit and enhance their appearance however they like, if they choose to do so. With the world being so heavily influenced by social media more than ever before, it can be hard to distinguish if what you see is “real” and what is completely edited. In this refreshing article from Adweek, CVS has made a huge effort in creating a more realistic standard for beauty. According to the article, they have decided they will no longer retouch images used on their pharmacy products and any marketing online and in their stores. CVS plans to have this implemented by 2020. Their first marketing campaign, “Beauty in Real Life” has been released. This series features diverse groups of women putting on and taking off makeup. CVS Health’s svp and chief marketing officer Norman de Greve states, “We wanted to introduce a campaign that uses beauty to make women feel good about themselves by empowering them to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.” Read more here.
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