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What is the Big Deal about Digital Marketing?

What is the Big Deal about Digital Marketing?

Price, quality, and delivery are the foundational requirements to make a sale. With most competitors being able to equally deliver on these basics, how does a jeweler distinguish themselves from the rest? A good question, and it is at the heart of why digital marketing is having such an impact on business. Most jewelers will tell you it is the personal one-on-one touch that makes a sale and the marketing that drives people to the store. It is more complex as digital marketing is creating opportunities to connect with consumers like never before.

The next question that needs to be answered is how do you increase this one-on-one occurrence. In the past, it was a simple approach. You advertise to drive traffic to your store and then work the face to face engagement. It could be effective but difficult to measure.

Now arrives digital marketing holding the promise to drive more business. In its fundamental configuration, it works like any media advertising. It gets attention and it might drive traffic to your store. In its own right, it’s good. However, the potential is enormous in allowing you to build a relationship. As we know “people buy from people” when all else is equal. Being able to establish a one-on-one relationship builds trust, comfort, and friendships that have a lasting impact on your business.

So, what is the investment? Time is the single most important commitment to making effective digital marketing campaigns. Comparatively, actual dollars are relatively smaller compared to other media such as TV and print advertising. While being able to deliver a message in mass and establish a one to one interaction has always been the hope of TV, print, and radio, digital marketing allows your message to be delivered in mass while creating a relationship with the customer. Establishing loyal customers who will repeatedly buy creates a winning business model.

Google AdWords, Search Engine Content Marketing (SECM), text messaging (SMS) blogs, e-mail blasts, Facebook, Instagram, and a host of other digital platforms can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Independent jewelers can’t keep up with the high maintenance digital marketing requires. Simple functionalities of these platforms are changing monthly if not weekly. If you think those are hard to maintain, then you don’t even want to consider the time it would take to keep up with the more complex features and their changes. Don’t let this frighten you! The good news is there is a solution. There are experts available to guide you along the way, who are willing to get into the trenches and do the dirty work for you. Seek these experts out and chat with them about your business. Ask them about their strategy and approach. After you speak to a few, you should have a fairly clear picture of who understands digital marketing, but more importantly, if they know your business.

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