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Can We Talk?

Can We Talk?

By Ellen Fruchtman, President I remember a time when we actually talked on the phone. Yes, that’s what phones were primarily used for in the olden years. Connecting with the people you love used to be, well, second nature. Now? We let our fingers do the talking. People, there’s an easy way for friends and family to actually hear your voice. For a mere $2 a month, you can actually use an app called Call Your Friends. It’s a reminder system where you list the people you want to contact, along with how much you want to contact them and it will remind you (via text messaging) to take the next steps and make the call. After you talk, it will send you a confirmation message back providing you the next countdown to “call your friends” again. Ah, 2021. We now need tech to encourage us to have closer relationships with the ones we love. Don’t you just love it? It’s a mere $24 a year. Of course, between you and me, it’s a Jewish mother’s dream.
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